Our Team


Dr. Christi Yoder, Executive Director

Christi is a native of Fairmont, Minnesota. She holds a BS in Zoology, a MS in Wildlife Biology, and a PhD in Reproductive Physiology. She worked for nearly 20 years at the National Wildlife Research Center before making a career change towards human rights in 2011.

Since then, Christi has received her MA in Human Rights and enrolled in the PhD program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Gratz College. She has worked with InterAction, the Humanitarian Assistance Applied Research Group, and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.

In order to bring genocide awareness to the average person, Christi founded the Center for Genocide Research and Education (CGRE) in 2016 and acts as its Executive Director overseeing all functions of the Center.


Marcus Steiner, Research Director & Development Director

Marcus is a native of Terre Haute, Indiana. He holds a BS in Business Administration, a Master’s in Global History, and is a PhD student in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies program at Gratz College.

Since leaving private sector sales and marketing roles, Marcus has concentrated on nonprofit fundraising development and research methodologies. He has won awards for his work in Ancient History but now focuses on researching human rights abuses, genocide risk factors and geographic information systems.

Marcus joined CGRE in the summer of 2018. He is responsible for identifying the most promising research initiatives for the institute. He also acts as the chief fundraising officer for the Center.


Kris Haugh, Communications Director

Kris is a native of Biloxi, MS. He holds a BA in Military History, a MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and is enrolled in the PhD program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Gratz College. He has also studied at the US Naval Academy and the Defense Information School (Public Affairs).

Kris retired from the US Navy after 23 years of decorated service. His tours saw him aboard six different ships, the Middle East, Europe, and the White House. He currently works as the Public Affairs Officer at NAF El Centro.

He lives in Imperial, CA with his wife and two pugs. He is involved in several local civic and veterans groups in addition to church activities. Kris is a member of the 501st Legion, pairing his love of Star Wars with helping to raise funds and awareness for numerous children’s charities. “I believe in life-long learning, whether in college, trade schools, or simply getting your hands dirty in a new experience; it’s how we grow.”

Kris joined CGRE in 2018 as the Communications Director. In that role, he helps craft the overall message for the Center and assists in the production of public statements and public outreach.


Colleen Simon, Education Director

A native of Maryland, Colleen has spent most of her life in Connecticut. She holds BS degrees in French, Political Science, and Economics, a MA in Teaching, and is currently a PhD student in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies program at Gratz College.

Since transitioning to education, Colleen has become an award-winning educator and has created lesson plans for the ADL, USHMM, and curricula for various schools. She has sat on education-based committees for the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Hartford and Holocaust Education Resource and Outreach (HERO).

Colleen joined CGRE in 2018 as the Education Director. She is responsible for the development of lessons and educational materials for the organization. She also aids in the development of genocide studies resource lists for the Center.


Chris Yoder, IT Director

Chris has served as CGRE’s IT Director since its founding in 2016. Chris is responsible for aiding in the implementation of all computerized technology for the Center. He also acts as an adviser to the rest of the staff to ensure publications are accessible for the general public.