WHERE:  Former Yugoslavia

WHEN:  1992-1995

WHO:  Bosnian Muslims (victims), Serbians (perpetrators)

WHAT: 100,000 killed 

WHY: As the Cold War came to a close, internal tensions began to erode order in the Former Yugoslavia. In 1987, Slobodan Milosevic came to power. He made changes in order to favor the Serbs and convinced the Serbian population that the other ethnic groups within the country were a threat. In 1991, Slovenia and Croatia declared independence. The Yugoslav army, which was made up of Serbs invaded Croatia and began a campaign of mass executions of Croat men. Following Bosnian independence in 1992, Serbian forces joined by Bosnian Serbs to exterminate any Bosnian Muslims or Croats in the area. They used concentration camps, sexual violence, mass rape and killings to carry out their operation.