Statement on Cameroon

As an organization dedicated to the proper observance of human rights, CGRE is deeply troubled by the escalating violence and human rights abuses occurring in Cameroon by all sides in the conflict. Beginning in 2016 a group of Anglophone (English speaking) citizens protested their reduction in representation and marginalization of their culture by the Francophone (French speaking) government.

In addition to fighting between separatists and government forces, Cameroon has been plagued by attacks from Boko Haram. CGRE is concerned that the violence could escalate to mass atrocities and further destabilize the region.

Current abuses by both sides include but are not limited to:

  • Attacks on and murder of civilians

  • Arbitrary detention

  • Torture

  • Razing of villages

  • Rape and sexual violence

CGRE calls upon the African Union and the United Nations to take steps to curb the violence and broker peace. The escalating violence threatens to destabilize the region.

CGRE calls on the warring parties to observe international human rights and humanitarian treaties and to cease the politicization of humanitarian aid and allow those in need to receive the necessary assistance.

CGRE calls upon the government of Cameroon to allow a fact-finding mission by the United Nations.

Further, CGRE calls upon the warring parties to cease hostilities and come to the negotiating table.

*A PDF of this statement can be found here.